Blockchain of Evidence uses the existing Evidence Management software in any supply chain management system. BoE also receives every log generated by any entry in the System and creates a hashed "fingerprint" of each entry. Then it uploads the digital fingerprint to our secure, immutable Kaleido blockchain forever.

A hashtag symbol sits in a circle at the top of the image. Underneath it is text that reads "physical, digital, and nondigital evidence is gathered and tagged with tamper evidence RFID tags. The RFID number is hashed for either immediate or later uploading to BOE.
A square of four cubes connected to eachother sits at the top of the image. Below the cube of squares is text that reads "Once evidence is hashed, it is added to the blockchain. Each has relies on the one before it in the chain. If a hash is removed or altered, all subsequent hashes are invalidated."
A magnifying glass sits at the top of the image in the center of a traced circle. Below it the text reads "The digital fingerprint of the evidence can be tracked by the public in any case immediately and forever."

How About Transparency to the Public?

Because only a digital fingerprint is generated to prove the validity of the evidence, the evidence itself remains in secure storage, while the digital fingerprint is published to our secure website for transparency. Clients don’t have to change anything for this to work. Our system is an integrity check overlay to any evidence management system.

In this example, our system is applied to the Criminal Justice Evidence Management system. It can also be applied to healthcare, Claims Management, Supply Chain Track and Trace, Case Management, and many others.

A diagram shows the flow of the Blockchain of Evidence network, and how it is tracked and traced from crime scene to court room.