Let the Evidence Speak for Itself

Blockchain of evidence org

building trust in the chain of custody for all concerned

Blockchain of Evidence sits inside Police computers and receives every log generated by any entry in the Evidence Collection Monitoring System.


BoE also uses a smartphone app for Officers and Evidence Technicians that allows them to hash photos, videos, bodycam and audio recordings of suspect, witness, and victim statements immediately after collecting them at the scene.


Because only a hash is generated to prove the validity of the evidence, the evidence itself remains in the custody of the Police, while the hash is published to a website for transparency to the public. Police don’t have to change anything for this to work.

secure evidence hashing 

assured by blockchain technology

Blockchain of Evidence is a website and smartphone app for secure evidence collection and logging. 

By proving evidence integrity from the minute it is collected, BoE enables Police, Courts, and citizens to begin to trust the Criminal Justice System again.